Valmet DNA Cybersecurity Services

Valmet DNA Cybersecurity Services for secure production environment

New malware and advanced cyber threats are increasing all the time. Production environments and critical infrastructures are tempting targets for cyber-attacks. By their nature, process automation systems are critical for production plants’ reliable operation. Consequently, companies need to have a proper security policy to secure their business continuity and it must cover industrial automation systems.

Valmet DNA Cybersecurity Services are designed to help customers to create and continuously maintain a more secure production environment. Security optimization is risk management and ongoing task. Reasonable investment in security ensures the availability of the production lines.

Valmet helps to secure business continuity by ensuring automation system security up-to-date condition at all times. All the updates – such as antivirus fingerprints and critical security patches - are tested in Valmet DNA system test environment before installing them to the customer system. The result is:

  • Secured system against cyber attacks
  • Protected configuration data
  • Compliance with security policies and standards
  • Fast recovery in a worst-case scenario
  • Help for customers to manage risk in relation to availability and costs

Valmet has a long history in the digitalization of process industries and power plants tracing back to 1960s. We continuous follow-up of the new information on security risks.

Our services

Security Awareness

  • Security bulletins and warnings
  • Information about Windows patches that are validated with Valmet DNA
  • Security training for customer organizations

Life Cycle Management

  • Continuous installed base information about hardware and software components in customer Valmet DNA system
  • Life cycle plan of customer system including obsolesce information and related upgrade possibilities

Security Assessment

  • Valmet security assessment against security best practices
  • 3rd party security assessment
  • Adaptation to security standards

Endpoint Protection

  • Antivirus tools and fingerprint updates
  • Windows security patch distribution and installation
  • Whitelisting

Remote Monitoring

  • Remote support via remote connection
  • SupportAssist for virtualized DNA systems
  • Valmet DNA remote monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection System

System Recovery

  • Recovery Plan
  • Automatic backup and recovery tools
  • Recovery Service