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"Valmet has strong market positions in structurally growing markets. Our customer base is global and market shares in pulp and paper manufacturing technology roughly 35-50%.

We have a track record of steadily improving our Comparable EBITA and dividend every year since 2013. Our EUR 3.0 billion recurring and steadily growing stable business provides resilience to business cycles and makes Valmet’s order intake less cyclical. Valmet's future growth possibilities are supported by favorable megatrends such as replacing plastic in packaging with renewable materials.

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- Pekka Rouhiainen, VP, Investor Relations

Key figures from 2023

€ 5.5

Billion in net sales

€ 5.0

Billion in orders received


Comparable EBITA margin

€ 2.28

Adjusted earnings per share

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July 3 – July 24: Silent period. Valmet observes a three-week (21 days) silent period prior to publication of financial results. During this time, Valmet does not comment on the company’s financial situation, markets, future outlook or recent development. During the silent period, Valmet’s executives and employees do not meet with representatives of capital markets or financial media to comment on issues related to the company’s financial situation, market outlook or business prospects.

Pekka Rouhiainen

VP, Investor Relations

Phone: +358 10 672 0020

E-mail: pekka.rouhiainen(at)valmet.com

Tuuli Oja

Manager, Investor Relations

Phone: +358 10 672 0352

E-mail: tuuli.oja(at)valmet.com

Arttu Hakala-Ranta

Investor Relations Specialist

Phone: +358 10 672 0973

E-mail: arttu.hakala-ranta(at)valmet.com