Improve your paper machine with well planned rebuild

Get ready for a change!

Paper machine rebuilds offer ways to remove production bottlenecks, reduce production costs, improve operating safety, save energy, or add new grades with paper machine conversion. A rebuild involves rebuilding parts of a paper or board machine using different components with the aim of improving the process or end products. Valmet has the right tools for paper machine rebuilds, including experience and expertise so you can meet your targets for the rebuild.

It is worth ensuring that the technical and process goals of a proposed rebuild will also meet the business
goals. The good news is that whatever the requirement, there are many options and possibilities to improve
both your machine and your business.


Check these recent reference cases

Sappi Maastricht's rebuild for extremely good quality

Valmet’s unique three-layer headbox and metal belt calender have helped Sappi Maastricht Mill to produce outstandingly white and bulky board, with excellent printability and surface properties.

Kotkamills: Agile product development with Valmet

The printing paper machine of Kotkamills was converted to produce FBB. After the start-up, Kotkamills has introduced unseen innovative products to the market.

Improving press performance step by step at Thai Cane PM2

Thai Cane Paper tackled press section problems in close cooperation with Valmet’s Laem Chabang Service Center and global experts.

Completely new type of coated white top liner grades

SAICA was aiming for improved quality, reduced costs, and responsible fiber use, but it found itself with innovative coated white top liner grades with better properties than they bargained for.

Kruger's grade conversion rebuild to linerboard

Kruger converted its newsprint machine to produce recycled high-strength liner. PM10 has reached its runnability, capacity and quality targets with outstanding results and steady start-up curve development.

Stora Enso Skoghall BM8 reduces grade change times by 25%

Stora Enso Skoghall, one of the world’s largest producers of liquid packaging board replaced their old quality control system (QCS) on board machine KM 8 with a modern Valmet IQ system.