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Field services for pulp producers

Fast on-call equipment support and maintenance, shutdown management, services and recommendations on-site or remotely

On-site and remote field services with high-level standards for safety and work quality for pulp mill processes and equipment. We offer field services for wood handling, cooking, washing and bleaching, pulp drying, baling, chemical recovery and air emission control.

We can serve you both locally and remotely

We plan, execute, manage and develop maintenance activities according to your needs. Trust is earned every day. Our on-site and remote field service offering consists of:

  • Maintenance and process supporting services
  • Annual shutdowns
  • Maintenance shutdowns
  • Daily maintenance
  • Remote services
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Remote field services

At Valmet, we are continuously developing our field services by strengthening our local and global presence, developing our products and services, improving our field service professionals’ competences and enhancing our digital platforms for an improved customer experience.

Our target is to help you keep your pulp mill in the optimal condition for the best performance, so you can concentrate on your business goals.

Using the remote field service possibilities is an easy and safe way to get the process, automation and maintenance expertise & support you need, through our local service center or even without a site visit.

Come along for a remote visit to CMPC Guiba pulp mill in Brazil

Valmet took the responsibility of the shutdown planning and execution for digestor, bleaching and dryer sections for CMPC. The AR glasses assisted Field Services technicians during the maintenance in CMPC’s Line 2. The equipment enabled a detailed analysis from Valmet specialists without the need of their local presence. The virtual tool provided professionals with more security and assertiveness in the maintenance process.


Do you need equipment maintenance or support for equipment or process performance development?

Whether it’s a single process audit, equipment maintenance, shutdown management or full maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance.

Long-term collaboration enables cost planning, predictability, and efficiency

Valmet can help in the planning and optimization of your operations for maximum profitability and optimum production efficiency. We can provide solutions tailored to your needs that are cost-efficient, reduce downtime and secure availability. A service agreement provides more consistent and efficient maintenance services that are tailored to each specific mill and culture in order to maximize their maintenance and production efficiency. The agreements may include field services, studies, upgrades, process development and maintenance management programs.

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