Field Services for wood handling equipment

Get the most out of the wood you put into the process through effective debarking and chipping

Field Services for wood handling

To reach sustainability targets, you need to utilize and save raw materials in the most cost-effective way. Chip quality is a really important factor affecting quality and total economy in the whole pulp, paper, board and fiberboard making process.

Even chip quality

Minimized wood losses

Production economy

Cost efficiency

The key to high quality chips

The condition of your chipper is a key to the production of high-quality chips. 
Your chipper chips hundreds of thousands of tons of logs annually and during that time abrasion of the chipper disc, chipper knife equipment, spout, casing is very high. Chipper function and condition test provides information about the present state of your chipper and serves as a basis for proposals for improvements.

Regular inspections ensure the optimal performance

It is important to on a regular basis inspect front pedestal alignment and condition of bed knife pocket, joint of bed knife and feed spout, feed spout and chute, blower wings, knife maintenance, knife angles and settings.

Our experts will provide you a report with the results from the inspections and proposals for tuning and improvements.

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Infeed conveyors

The “GentleFeed” infeed conveyor is a unique, patented system for feeding logs into a debarking drum.

The condition test is an extensive operational condition evaluation, which aims at improving efficiency and decreasing maintenance costs. Process functioning and optimization of log movement and loading analysis.

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Rubber-tyre-supported barking drum (EasyTyre)

For the debarking drum – it is important to make operational condition evaluations to improve machine efficiency and reduce maintenance costs to establish the real condition of the machine, future maintenance needs and refurbishment tasks.

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Custom-made chip quality optimization Chip quality agreements (ChipQ)

Valmet provides custom-made Chip Quality Agreements (ChipQ) depending on customer’s process equipment and requirements. The process starts with wood receiving and covers debarking, chipping, storage, and screening. The primary target of the optimization is even chip quality and minimized wood losses. Valmet will help to achieve optimum quality while providing the tools for optimizing your process and production economy.

Reduces wood losses from screening and debarking

  • Reduces 0-mass production and chemical/energy consumption (lower fines content)
  • Reduced wood consumption
  • Reduces raw material-based downtime in the whole mill
  • Enables more uniform chip thickness and therefore more uniform end product quality – lower variation

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Bedknife Pocket Reconditioning

On-site machining service developed by Valmet for reconditioning the bedknife pocket on a chipper pedestal. Perfect dimensions and alignment between the chipper disc and bedknife pocket walls as well as a straight bottom surface on the knife pocket — an excellent solution for solving all bed-knife pocket-wearing problems.

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Reclaimer screw reconditioning

The woodyard and wood room include several reclaimers and conveyor screws for chip and bark handling. To maximize the wood handling capacity and minimize downtime, these screws require preventive maintenance and refurbishment. As an OEM, Valmet has the means to bring these vital pieces of process equipment back up to their original specifications or upgraded to latest design.

Reclaimer conditions test including screw, rails, scraper, traversing unit, screw drive, guide plates, cooling filter, cabling, adapters, mounting, lubrication system etc.

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Extensive evaluation of operational condition of chips screening equipment

A screening stage is often necessary to achieve the uniform chip size. Chip screen condition test aims at improving efficiency and decreasing maintenance costs. Valmet chip screens worldwide include SCS, CST, CSR and CSE (EasyScreen).

Mechanical inspection and measuring incudes:

  • General mechanical condition of the chip screen basket including screen plates
  • Chip screen support structure
  • Drive unit
  • Infeed and outlet chutes
  • Lubrication device

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Do you need equipment maintenance or support for equipment or process performance development?

Do you need equipment maintenance or support for equipment or process performance development?

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