Field services for air emission control

Improve environmental performance by monitor, control, tune and replace to keep emissions and operation costs under control

To control emissions levels in the best possible way, both technically and economically, it is important to monitor, control, tune and make regular replacements. Our field service expert support with auditing, studies, monitoring, troubleshooting, tuning and reporting within odorous gas control, dry flue gas cleaning, wet flue gas cleaning and heat recovery, flue gas desulfurization and NOx reduction. Today, we have hundreds of successful air emission control references worldwide.

Keep emissions limits under control

Lower electricity consumption

Improved performance with optimal maintenance cost

Environmental compliance

Keep NOx emissions and operation costs under control with catalyst monitoring and replacement

We closely follows your catalyst performance. Based on a sample analysis, Valmet can replace old catalyst blocks to ensure controlled nitrogen oxide emissions and operation costs

Download Valmet Chemical Pulping Field Services Handbook and learn more about catalyst monitoring and replacement.


Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) services

Experts with long experience in ESP technology performs audits and studies on site or remotely. With vast process and ash handling expertise from fuel to stack we have in-house specialists in material, ESP automation, electrification, and control. Our experts can provide recommendations on upgrade possibilities suach as additional ESP fields/chambers, mechanical & electrical retrofits, maintenances, preventive and long-term actions, spare part services and more.

Explore more about ESP services by downloding Valmet Chemical Pulping Field Services Handbook.

Decades long lifetime and maximized heat recovery with scrubber and condenser services

As a manufacturer of wet flue gas cleaning systems, our service experts access to process studies and calculations and can based on site audits and process studies our experts can provide guidance and recommendations for larger repairs, replacement and upgrade of scrubber internal parts and piping, change of packing and nozzles, process optimizations as well as troubleshooting.

Find out more about Scrubber and condenser services in our Valmet Chemical Pulping Field Services Handbook.

Replace bags at the right time and secure availability

Bag samples are taken in each shutdown to analyze the bag condition. Valmet experts remove the old bags and install new ones for the whole filter. When required, it is also possible to replace the bags of a single chamber or module during the filter’s operation. The bag changes are usually done during the plant’s annual shutdowns.

Find out more about Baghouse services and bad replacement in the Valmet Chemical Pulping Field Services Handbook.

Questions about equipment maintenance or support for equipment or process performance development?

Whether it’s a single process survey, equipment maintenance, shutdown management or full maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact your closest Valmet Service Center for guidance.

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Emission monitoring and reporting

Advanced monitoring and reporting of pulp mill air emissions is based on the Valmet DNA information system and supplies all necessary information both for the mill’s own use and for the authorities. The monitoring criteria of the Industrial Emissions Directive, BAT*) conclusion for production of pulp, paper and board, EN 14181 standard as well as local requirements are fulfilled.

Find out more about Emission monitoring and reporting in the downloadble Valmet Chemical Pulping Field Services Handbook.

Download Field Services Chemical Pulping Handbook

Download Field Services Chemical Pulping Handbook

Do you need equipment maintenance or support for equipment or process performance development? This handbook gives you guidance in best practices for keeping your operation in good condition and with service interval recommendations helping you prevent unexpected failures.


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