Integrated turbine control system for improved control, protection and vibration monitoring

Valmet DNA Turbine Automation

Valmet DNA turbine control technology is a highly reliable solution for steam, gas or hydro turbine controls, protection and monitoring. Both system hardware and software were developed for a high level of availability and user-friendliness based on standards specific to power plants anywhere in the world.

Proven Valmet DNA based high availability solution for turbine control

Easily configurable solution suitable for both new turbines and control retrofits

Compatible with steam, gas and hydro turbines from any turbine manufacturers

Capability to offer a wide scope of added-value solutions for turbine automation

One-stop shop for your turbine automation over the whole turbine’s life cycle

Valmet DNA Turbine Automation can be used both for greenfield turbines and as a replacement of old turbine controls. It includes control, protection and vibration monitoring in a single system and provides the users with all necessary tools to have full understanding and control of their turbine. Valmet can also deliver a complementary offering, including field instrumentation, generator automation, vibration diagnostics services and added-value solutions and services to improve turbine availability and performance.

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Open and easily adjustable system  

Valmet DNA Turbine Automation is based on the Valmet DNA process control system with special applications for turbine control, protection and diagnostics. The open and modular system structure enables all turbine control strategies to be fulfilled for turbines from all manufacturers. With over 50 available communication protocols, the turbine control technology can be connected to any main control system. Configuration and operator display engineering can be performed with standard Valmet DNA engineering tools and Valmet DNA function blocks included in the system. 



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