Automation and flow control for the pharmaceutical industry

Advanced solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing


Valmet provides a range of flow control and automation solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and our offering includes valve controllers, measurement solutions and monitors. These enable easy commissioning and deliver reliable, efficient performance.

Improved process performance

Easy commissioning and configuration

Reliability and reduced costs

Wireless valve diagnostics

Precision control for pharmaceutical applications

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry need to maintain competitiveness and reduce costs while complying with very tight regulatory requirements. In addition, their production processes depend on precise, safe operation under stringent sanitary conditions.

Valmet’s range of flow control solutions includes advanced valve controllers that provide reliable, precise positioning and which enable easy valve maintenance. Valmet's Stonel™ Axiom™ and Stonel™ Prism™ valve controllers, and Stonel™ Eclipse™ limit switches, use solid state position sensors for precise position measurement and, with wireless connectivity, they enable sophisticated valve diagnostics for reduced life cycle maintenance costs.


Efficient control system integration

At Valmet, we have extensive expertise in process automation and in implementing field-based digital communication technologies. We work with pharmaceutical customers to integrate automated valves and valve controllers into their production environments. With our know how, and reliable solutions for networking and control system integration, we help them to speed up installation, and optimize their process performance and efficiency.

Comprehensive service support

We support all our flow control and automation products supported with a comprehensive service offering and service network. In addition, when you are designing a new plant, our experts can work with you select the optimal control and automation solutions for your specific applications.