Robust process industry measuring instruments

Analyzers and Measurements

Valmet analyzers and measurements for challenging process areas

Valmet analyzers and measurement portfolio includes a long tradition of pioneering innovative measurement solutions for challenging process areas. Working closely with customers and industry leaders, we have developed solutions that provide the best value in the industry.

Energy efficiency and production capacity with optimum quality

Reliable, robust and accurate measurements over the lifecycle

Key cornerstones for successful process controls and optimization

With our roots deep in the Pulp and Paper industry, Valmet's analyzers offering has become during its 50 years' long history the global leader and the industry benchmark in many measurement-based and first-ever introduced process control solutions. Valmet has delivered over 100.000 analyzer and measurement solutions in various process industries. 

We in Valmet believe that analyzers and measurements are the key cornerstones for successful process controls and optimization. We offer a wide portfolio of analyzers for different pulping and papermaking process needs – starting with the chip moisture measurement for pulp mills and ending with paper and board automated quality measurements. Our service solutions ensure reliability and performance over the lifecycle. 

Valmet analyzers, consistency transmitters and conductivity measurements have previously been known as Kajaani®, Valmet™, Metso™ and Kemotron™ products.

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