VII for Energy Efficiency for energy

Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) for Energy Efficiency

Power boiler efficiency varies due to multiple reasons, such as fuel quality, boiler fouling and operational behaviour​. Valmet's VII for Energy Efficiency is a solution which enables power plant operator to track boiler efficiency and to discover the improvement potential in real-time. This is important for a power plant that operates on variable loads to meet power production demand. Keep heat transfer surfaces clean from fouling and reduce unnecessary steam consumption.

Performance Center

  • Regular up-keeping of the application and predictive model for limiting factors using remote connections 
  • Updating of limiting factors according to the process changes
  • Maintenance of the connectivity

Customer Portal

  • Power plant production monitoring in real time
  • Boiler efficiency improvement potential monitoring in real time
  • Information security and access rights management
  • Support requests for Valmet Performance Center remote support



  • Real-time follow-up of production efficiency remotely
  • Improved operator awareness on key factors affecting boiler efficiency​
  • Reduced auxiliary power consumption
  • Higher annual boiler efficiency​
  • Better profitability of power plant operation