Chemical pulping

Your full scope supplier for chemical pulping projects

At Valmet, we have unbeatable experience and technical know-how of the entire pulp mill with all its islands and processes. We offer tailored technology solutions for softwood, hardwood and kraft pulp production.

Advanced technology, trustworthy service, and flexible automation - these are the three pillars that make Valmet's offering unique. With enhanced production optimization, we help you move your pulp business forward.


Our solutions

Wood handling

Valmet's innovative wood-processing solutions are designed to treat valuable wood-raw material as gently as possible to make it ideal for further processing and to gain the best possible yield from it.

Cooking and fiber line

Today, there is an ever-increasing demand for environment-friendly pulp production. To provide solutions for mastering this challenge, Valmet has developed a family of intelligent chemical pulping processes.

Chemical recovery

Valmet is a full-scope supplier to pulp mills, offering advanced technology for recovering and preparing cooking chemicals, and producing energy.

Pulp drying

Valmet offers best available technology for efficient and economic pulp drying and baling. Our wide and flexible technology offering facilitates several pulp grades with end products like dissolving, textile fluff and market pulp.

Automation for pulp

Valmet DNA offers pulp mills a comprehensive portfolio of automation applications to stabilize and optimize their paper making processes

Services for pulp production

Valmet's services for pulping and fiber provide access to our wide offering of global process know-how, new technology, and expert services available on-site or remotely.