Flowrox™ LPP-T transfer pumps

Optimized for demanding slurry transfer

Flowrox LPP-T pump_0927.jpg

Flowrox LPP-T transfer pumps incorporate advanced single roller design which eliminates friction and lowers energy consumption. They are ideal for pumping various slurries and dosing a wide range of abrasive, corrosive, viscous or crystallizing media.

Low operating costs

Advanced single roller design eliminates friction and lowers energy consumption.

Capability to pump 24/7

No overheating at high continuous flow rates due to the roller design that minimizes friction and heat.

Pumps high solid content slurries

The pump design allows pumping slurries with up to 60-80% solids content.

Long service intervals & ease of maintenance

Pump hose is the only replaceable part and can be easily changed on site.

No mixing or shearing of the medium

Enabled by the peristaltic effect.

Advanced rolling design

The operating principle of the Flowrox hose pumps is based on the peristaltic effect. As the cylindrical rotor rotates along the hose, the process medium gets pushed forward through the hose. At the same time, the hose behind the compression point reverts to its original circular shape creating a suction effect at the pump inlet port. As a result, the hose bore is re-filled with the medium. No backward flow or slip can occur as the hose is squeezed tight by the roller.

Due to their technical features, Flowrox hose pumps provide exact flow per revolution. They also incorporate an advanced rolling design, which eliminates friction, maximizes hose life and lowers energy consumption. Energy efficiency, long hose life and low maintenance generates substantial savings during the life cycle of peristaltic pumps. Lifetime of Flowrox pumps’ hoses is 3-5 times longer than conventional hose pumps.


Trailblazing peristaltic pump technology

Flowrox LPP-T transfer pumps are equipped with a patented hose flange and reliable in-line pipe connections, as well as a hose leak detection unit. Patented adjustment mechanism senses hose wear when compression is readjusted. This helps to maximize hose lifetime and minimize the risk of over-compression. There is no need for shimming. The LPP-T100 is one of the world’s largest hose pumps, with a maximum continuous flow of 100 m³/h.

Technical specifications

Series: LPP-T
Size range: 32 - 100 mm / 1.25 - 4 inch
Flow range: 0.6 - 100 m3 / 21.2 - 3531 ft3
Pressure range: 7.5 - 10 bar / 109 - 145 psi
Temperature range: 0 - 95 °C / 32 - 203 °F