Rubber hose solves scaling issue - Increased uptime and process efficiency with Flowrox pumps

Jan 26, 2022

A smelting plant in Norway had a scaling problem. Their spill process water contains lots of carbonates which caused reoccurring damage to the previously used centrifugal pump. Another challenge for the new pump was to also empty the 3-meter-deep tank located underneath the pump’s location.

The plant was looking into several different options and at the beginning had reservations about hose pumps. They had mixed experience with hose pumps in the past from another supplier and were afraid of too frequent and critical hose breaks that cause process downtime. However, after presenting Flowrox™ peristaltic pump’s single rolling design, they were willing to give it a try.

Flowrox pump solves scaling problem

The rolling rotor compresses the hose and removes potential scaling on the walls of the hose with each rotation. This increases pump’s uptime and improves process efficiency

The biggest challenge of the previous pump was scaling and clogging. The process water contains carbonates that constantly scale metal insides of the pump and pipes. But this does not present a problem to Flowrox hose pumps. None of the metal parts are in contact with the aggressive media. The only part in contact with the media is the rubber hose which is not subject to scaling.

Another advantage is that the pump’s operating principle is based on a single rolling design. “The rolling rotor compresses the hose and removes potential scaling on the walls of the hose with each rotation. This increases pump’s uptime and improves process efficiency” explains Audun Nomeland Stefferud, Sales Engineer, Bagges AS.

Extended hose lifetime

At first, the customer was doubtful about using a hose pump because of previous experience with other manufacturers. Their biggest concern was that the hose will break too fast and cause downtime. But then, based on the media and process specifications Valmet experts estimated the hose lifetime to around 3 months with the pump running more or less 24/7.

After the installation, the Flowrox rubber hose more than proved itself. Even after 4 months, the hose was still functional without leakage, which proved the pump’s value to the smelter’s decision-makers. “Flowrox LPP-T pump’s rolling rotor reduces friction and increases hose lifetime. This meant an immediate solution to one of the previous pump’s challenges the customer was looking to solve” adds Stefferud.

LPP-T80 pump open Flowrox

The pump ran 24/7 for more than 120 days with no leakage through the hose even though it showed clear signs of use (in the photo).

Pump efficiently empties the tank located 3 meters lower

Another benefit that Flowrox peristaltic pump brought to the table was emptying the 3-meter-deep tank located underneath the pump. The previously used centrifugal pump had trouble with the task that is nowadays effortless for Flowrox peristaltic pump. The LPP-T80 pump is connected to flexible inlet pipes that lead 3 meters down to the spill water tank and can completely empty the tank whenever necessary.
The pump is also located on the ground level that is a much more accessible and safer working height for the maintenance personnel.

The peristaltic pump is installed outside and is subject to tough winter weather conditions. With low temperatures such as -15°C, the pump was put to the test but worked smoothly regardless of the cold.

Adjusted installation plans

At first, Valmet experts and a representative of local Flowrox products, Bagges, planned to visit the site. The aim was to help with the pump’s start-up, arrange training, showcase the hose change and answer all technical questions. Due to Covid-19 restrictions at the time, the site visit was no longer possible. However, thanks to good communication through the whole process from all sides and solution-oriented and skilled site operators, both start-up and first maintenance went smoothly.

Proven performance builds trust

The customer is satisfied with Flowrox LPP-T80 peristaltic pump because it met all the expectations and fits well into the process. After experiencing the pump’s quality and heavy-duty features, the smelting plant decided to order another Flowrox LPP-T40 pump. The second pump is used in another part of the process in a chemical application. The media is highly corrosive and harms any metal parts. However, this was solved by using an EPDM rubber hose and PP-flanges. The pump is up to the demanding task and is performing well.


After the first pump’s success, the site ordered another Flowrox pump for a chemical application.

Interesting fact

The pump is located outside so many employees pass by it every day. The pump’s window shows the rolling rotor and bypassers keep stopping by. They enjoy watching the pump in operation.

The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.


Customer & application: Smelting plant in Norway, transporting process water and spill water
Scaling inside the pump and pipes, high maintenance costs, difficulties with emptying the tank located 3 meters below the pump
Solution: Flowrox LPP-T80 peristaltic pump, NR hose
No more scaling problems, longer hose lifetime, extended service intervals, spare part savings


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