Paper machine clothing and filter fabrics for board and paper machines

Keep your board and paper machine dressed up and ready to run

As a full line clothing supplier, Valmet offers fabric solutions for the entire paper and board making process. Valmet’s complete high quality sustainable fabric solutions improve paper making process performance, and contribute to efficient production, reduced energy consumption and overall cost reduction in all types of paper and board machines.

Ever since the first machine clothing order received in 1882, Valmet has been delivering high-quality, reliable fabrics for paper and board machines worldwide. Paper machine clothing is developed hand in hand with the constantly advancing technology in board and paper machines targeting lower CO2 emissions. The challenges are tackled with focused R&D, technical and application expertise and an overall innovative approach. The custom-designed fabrics at the right position improve your machine performance and output.

We offer a full product line of forming fabrics, press felts, shoe press belts, dryer fabrics and filter fabrics. Optimal services are qualified by our clothing experts providing you with the best support and advice for your needs.

Our fabrics are delivered globally to board, SC-, LWC-, newsprint and fine paper machines together with our supporting technical and start-up services. We also offer comprehensive laboratory services for used fabrics and paper analysis.

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