Chip treatment

The chip pretreatment stage is a key process in all mechanical pulping processes and serves to create the best pre-conditions for uniform and desired fiber separation in the subsequent refining stage.

Chip treatment

The preferred chip pretreatment solution depends on the type and quality of the incoming raw material as well as the target characteristics of the final end product. For chemi-mechanical pulps, uniform and efficient chemical impregnation is the most important pre-condition in order to achieve high-quality pulp at low operating costs.

Valmet´s PREX-impregnation system is today the most renowned and appreciated system on the market, offering the best solution in terms of pulp quality, flexibility, availability and cost per ton.



Chip treatment - Process and automation upgrades

Counter Pressure Booster

is an automatic device that doubles the instrument air pressure.

Chip Bin VB

Surge bin with optimized geometry for best performance

Feeding Technology

Screw feeder technology that provides uniform feeding, optimized dewatering and reduced energy consumption.

Dewatering Plug Pipe

A plug pipe that dewaters the raw material even more before it enters the preheater.

Tandem blow-back damper

Creates increased load on the blow-back damper for increased dewatering.

Preheater Upgrade

Upgrade kit that raises the preheater’s capacity by up to 30%.

For preheaters PVA 1200 and PVB 1200

Increases discharge screw capacity and/or feeds two refiners.


Chip treatment - Maintenance and shutdown services

Plug Screw Replacement

A correct installed plug screw and screw pipe secures optimal performance over the screw sets lifetime.

Plug Screw Reconditioning

Reconditioning packages ensures uniform chip feeding.





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