Process upgrades for tissue machines

How to raise the production efficiency or quality to the new level and at the same time lower the maintenance costs?

Process upgrades are small or mid-size investments that opens up production bottlenecks or extends the original process design limitations. Typical process upgrade building blocks are design engineering, new components, new machine and process controls and efficient commissioning and start-up service

Cost effective way to reach new production targets

Valmet's goal is to maintain the competitiveness of our customers' core processes and to develop them throughout their lifecycles. Valmet provides tissue mills with a wide range of solutions for upgrading and enhancing processes and machinery. The scope is always based on each customer’s specific needs and tailored solutions to maximize the performance of different processes.

Valmet's expertise and experience is incorporated in all our products, giving us unparalleled insight into all aspects of upgrading processes and machinery. We are committed to continuously researching and developing new technologies, materials and designs to enhance the performance of existing equipment and processes.


  • Upgrading existing machinery or process is a cost effective way to reach new production targets or to lower the maintenance costs

  • In process upgrades the customer value is built on the targeted process KPIs and guaranteed results


Valmet Tissue Services for the best performance

Read Valmet's Tissue Services Catalog! We have gathered together our service solutions for tissue producers. Whether you are looking at large or small issues, please refer to our Service Catalog for solutions!

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