Speeding up remotely at Jeesr Industries

Dec 21, 2021

Thanks to advanced digital tools and the mutual trust between Valmet and Jeesr Industries, their tissue machine’s targeted speed increase was successfully achieved, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Jeesr Industries operates Morocco’s largest tissue line, with a capacity of 30,000 tonnes per year. To further improve productivity, it was decided to target a machine speed increase from 1,800 m/min to 1,900 m/min. Jeesr and Valmet initiated the project just before the global pandemic Covid-19 closed borders, making it impossible for Valmet’s experts to travel to the site. 

“It was likely that it would be decided to postpone the project, but after a thorough risk analysis, we decided to pursue our goal with remote support from Valmet. It felt like a challenge we were willing to face, knowing we had technically skilled teams with a good collaborative spirit on both sides. We knew we could trust each other,” says Mohamed Oustouh, Mill and Plant Manager, Jeesr Industries. 


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Valmet Performance Center is the core of remote support  

Projects such as Jeesr’s tissue machine’s speed increase are complex, requiring thorough planning. When operating remotely, modern digital tools and communication channels are needed to enable real-time data collection and continuous information sharing. 

The end of this project means a beginning of a totally new way of thinking.

“The four-day execution phase started with detailed monitoring and analysis of machine parameters such as vibrations. We utilized a remote collaboration tool to visualize the machine’s behavior and were always connected through video conferencing. We led the work from the Valmet Performance Center connecting our technology expert network in the discussion with the on-site staff,” says Lionel Martin, Senior Process Engineer, Valmet. 

Remote support is a cost-effective way to cooperate 

Everything ran as planned, and the project team, scattered in several locations, took pleasure and pride in witnessing Jeesr’s J100, Valmet DCT 100 tissue machine, joining the 1,900 m/min club. 





“We are very proud of what we accomplished. But that is not all: the end of this project means a beginning of a totally new way of thinking. I am sure there is a lot we can achieve with Valmet through remote collaboration,"

says Mohamed Oustouh, Mill and Plant Manager, Jeesr Industries

“We’re very satisfied with this project’s outcome: We achieved the expected productivity increase with a stable machine and a good quality product. I’m sure we will continue working this way – through remote support, Valmet’s experts are available to us faster and at a lower cost than before. And thanks to not having external experts doing things for us, our own technical skills are further developed at the same time,” Adil Elbeggar, Process Manager, Jeesr, says. 

Text Marianne Valta, Guylene Franc  

Photos Morad ELKHATIB 

About Jeesr Industries 

Jeesr Industries delivers Jumbo Rolls to tissue paper converters globally, manufacturing a wide range of 100 percent virgin pulp tissue paper products such as toilet paper, kitchen towels, table napkins and facial tissues, mainly for the local market. Their Valmet DCT 100, commissioned in 2012, is the largest tissue paper production line in Morocco, with a production capacity of 30,000 tonnes per year.