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Mining, metals and steel

Process reliability and productivity

Valmet is an established and trusted name in mining, metals and steel processing around the world. Our expanded offering of solutions and services for minerals and metallurgical applications is now more complete than ever: from reliable Neles™, Jamesbury™ and Flowrox™ valves to robust Flowrox pumps and intelligent Valmet DNA, the integrated automation and information management systems.

Common challenges in mining and minerals processing

When handling abrasive slurries, reliability of the equipment is essential for economics and safety of the operations. Mining, minerals processing and steel all have demanding process conditions. As it comes down to flow control and isolation for mining and other similar processes, it is crucial to carefully choose reliable equipment which guarantees continuity of the production process.

The initial price of a valve or pump is only the starting point. Most costs are generated during operation in terms of required maintenance, equipment spare parts, possible downtime and interference of process. Minor equipment breaks can quickly escalate to major issues, especially in remote locations.



Reliable technology for demanding mining, metals and steel applications

Valmet offers a wide range of flow control, automation and pumping solutions to slurry, utility and severe service applications in mining. The leading technologies strengthen our position in these industries. It ensures Valmet's continued strong capability to serve our customers basically in all commodities in the mining sector across the whole value chain from upstream minerals processing to downstream metallurgy. Our global presence is stronger than before, close to our customers.

We have decades of cumulated flow control industry knowledge and expertise in mining and metals industries. Our strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities for these industries are proven by the industry-leading heavy-duty pinch valves and knife gate valves as well as pumps.



High-quality flow control and automation for all mining process phases

Our expanded high-quality offering ensures lowest total cost of ownership in flow control for demanding slurry applications, e.g. in grinding, screening, cyclone separation, flotation, thickening, filtering and tailings applications. Our Neles™, Jamesbury™ and Flowrox™ valves and pumps are built to perform and handle demanding media – from abrasive slurries to the corrosive chemicals used in numerous refining processes. A significant proportion of global metals production flows through our valves. Valmet DNA, the integrated automation and information management systems are in use by several customers worldwide.



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Minerals and metals industry demands robust, reliable flow control

Modern metals refineries resemble more of a chemical complex than a quarry, resulting in a significant need to optimize process flows.

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