VII for Production Capacity for energy

Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) for Production Capacity

Valmet's VII for Production Capacity solution is directed to the customers with one or more combustion based power plants burning varying solid fuels, and connected to the electricity grid or heat network. Power plants have different cost structures. Solution enables maximization of fuel power of the most cost efficient plant based on real-time information of the production capacity utilizing process bottlenecks.​ Solution includes tools for production capacity planning, fuel power maximization and minimization in the low demand events.

Performance Center

  • Analysis of the power plant bottle-necks
  • Regular up-keeping of the application and predictive model for limiting factors using remote connections 
  • Maintenance of the connectivity
  • Perform Data Discovery to evaluate power potential

Customer Portal

  • Access to applications
  • Power plant production monitoring in real time
  • Fuel power potential monitoring in real time
  • Customer requests for VPC remote support



  • Real-time follow-up of production capacity remotely
  • Using cheapest fuel mix
  • Reduction of heat and electricity production cost
  • Enables maximum use of the most cost-efficient power production in real-time
    • Operator guidance
    • Automatic with advance process controls​
  • Enables running the minimum load during low demand season