Service agreements for energy

We can support you with your main challenges as energy producers

Secure availability targets

Meet planned KPIs

Accelerate the start-up curve​

Ensure safe and reliable operations

Use resources​ efficiently

Improve process performance​

Stay​ competitive ​with latest innovations​

Reduce environmental impact

Utilize opportunities of digitalization ​

Secure skills and competences

Helping you to meet and exceed your energy production targets is the key driver in our everyday work. The best results are made with working together through the lifecycle of your process, whether it’s about planning, start-up or operational phase. That way we are able to offer you the right combination of services for every stage in the lifecycle, ensuring the optimal outcome. ​




Partnership throughout the lifecycle

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Together we customize the agreement to your needs whether it is about easy access to Valmet experts, high quality products and services, financial stability, or continuous development of performance to reach mutually agreed targets.


Several agreement models suit various needs, ranging from corporate-level frame agreements to plant-level partnership agreements. 

Benefit from long-term collaboration through service agreements

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Keep your operations up and running at optimum level will give you peace of mind



Secure availability and reach your production targets, the right combination of services for every stage in the lifecycle will ensure optimal outcome


Resource efficiency, reduce the environmental impact  to meet the sustainability agenda

Skills and competences

Access to expert network ready to serve, flexible capabilities bringing OEM know-how​​

New innovations and data utilization

New innovations and data utilization to optimize your processes and production

Easy purchasing

High quality parts, products available when needed at agreed prices and terms



The right combination of products and services form the service agreements scope​​​

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The tailored services will be delivered to you during the stage of the lifecycle it is needed – during the planning, start-up or operations stage. The cooperation can start during the planning stage of your plant. Our dedicated agreements manager will start the discussion with you so that your targets are realized through the extensive services we offer and delivered promptly.

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Customer success stories and technical articles

Boosting energy production with data

Boosting energy production with data

How can you run a power plant at peak performance in all situations while improving its availability and profitability? It is possible with efficient use of data and analytics combined with a deep understanding of power plant processes.

Winning with outsourcing

Winning with outsourcing

Uni Viridas delivers fuel and sells heat and electricity from their biomass power plant in Babina Greda, Croatia. Everything else is looked after by Valmet. This successful cooperation was continued with the operation and maintenance contract’s extension in early 2019.

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