Customer case:

A valued cooperation, joint evaluation reviews creates increased value and improved performance

Aug 23, 2023

Mälarenergi plant in Västerås, Sweden, makes their own process evaluation which are being reviewed together with our experts – a valued cooperation.

Joint evaluation reviews with Valmet create increased value and improved performance


Location Mälarenergi, Sweden
Challenge Interprete results from own evaluations so that suitable measures are taken for improved performance. 
Solution Having Valmet’s experts participate in reviewing evaluations and together deciding what measures to take so that the best result can be achieved and performance optimized. 
Result A valued cooperation with improved performance, stable operation, and better shutdown planning. 

Technical summary - Valmet CFB Boiler, Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP)

Start-up date 2014
Steam 155 MWth, 74 bar, 470 °C
Fuels MSW, industrial waste, recycled wood, wood, peat