Bark handling

Turn your bark into useful energy

The bark from the debarking process can be transformed into useful energy in a mill's power plant. The energy value is dependent on the dry content of the bark. Valmet has supplied several hundred bark presses, systems and equipment for handling and storage of bark worldwide. Equipment like: Wood saver wood recovery systems, Bark shredders, Bark crushers, Disc scalpers, Bark presses, Belt dryers, Receiving pockets, Bark silos and Bark stockpiling and stackers.

Low maintenance cost

Low operational cost

Valmet Belt Dryer

Valmet offers low temperature, proven technology for drying of biomass, such as bark, forest residue, sawdust, bagasse etc. Dried biomass can be utilized as a valuable energy source in gasification processes, pelletizing and power boilers.

The reliable technology of the belt dryer ensures high dryness of the end material, is easy to maintain and easy to handle. The dryer utilizes secondary heat – no primary energy is needed.

Biomass drying can be integrated into gasification, wood powder firing, power boiler and bio-oil production applications.

Valmet works as licensee of the Swiss company W. Kunz dryTec AG, leader in the agro industrial dehydration market that commercialises its products under the brand name Swiss Combi with a 50-year experience.

Valmet Wood Saver - Maximize wood-usage efficiency

Valmet Wood Saver is a special roll conveyor system designed to maximize wood-usage efficiency in debarking lines. The system saves wood by separating usable wood pieces from the bark line and returning the recovered wood back to the process, instead of burning them as waste together with the bark. Wood saver can also be installed in existing lines to increase the wood-raw material yield of the mill.

Simple construction

The construction of Wood saver is simple and functional. The recovery system consists of a separating roll conveyor, a chute for bark and debris, and an adjustable inclined conveyor for stone removal. Stone removal enables the mill to minimize the damage and wear of the bark crusher and its knives.


Valmet Bark Shredder - Turning your bark into perfect size

The Bark Shredder is designed to reduce bark into optimally sized particles, ready for various applications. The shredder successfully combines high capacity, excellent shredding performance and space-saving design.

The design incorporates simple robust construction, a one-piece fabricated frame, vertical rotor, large in-feed opening and centrifugal discharge. The rotor knives are pivoted to avoid damage by foreign particles such as small stones and metal pieces occasionally found in the bark.

Valmet Bark Crusher

The Valmet Bark Crusher is designed to reduce bark into optimally sized particles, ready for further processing. The crusher combines high capacity with excellent crushing performance.

Bark is fed through a feed chute into the crusher. The horizontal rotor is equipped with pivoted hammers attached to the shafts. While rotating, the hammers crush the bark through the bottom grate. The fraction size of the crushed bark can be changed by adjusting the size of the hole of the bottom grate.

Valmet Bark Hog - Gravity feed crusher for stringy bark

The Bark hog is a compact size equipment designed to cut/crush bark and other wood-based materials. It is specially designed for spruce, acacia and eucalyptus species.


Valmet Bark Chopper - Chopper for stringy bark

Often conventional crushing is not enough. The Bark chopper is especially designed to cut stringy bark into optimally sized particles, combining high capacity with excellent cutting performance. Horizontal feeding ensures safe and trouble-free operation.


Storage systems for bark, biomass and chips

  • Storage and reclaiming systems

  • Traversing reclaimers

  • Rotary reclaimers

Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

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