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Pulp - technologies, automation and services for pulping

Valmet’s fiber technical know-how offers a chain of intelligent, integrated and complete processes for chemical and mechanical pulping and recycled fiber processing to ensure that the desired final product quality can be produced from all known fiber raw materials.

As pulp manufacturers look for ways to improve process efficiency and business profitability, they are turning to intelligent automation solutions and services from Valmet.

Latest pulp articles

  • What's cooking?

    The third generation of Valmet’s CompactCooking launches, with increased flexibility, improved steaming and washing, and easy maintenance.

  • Smooth start-up with Valmet Training Simulator

    When a new white liquor plant was installed at the CMPC Laja mill in Chile, simulator training and testing of the distributed control system (DCS) were essential parts of the project. They were key factors in achieving a fast, smooth start-up.

  • Creating a valuable product from hazardous side streams

    Producing sulfuric acid from a pulp mill’s non-condensable gases (NCG) is a true win-win-win solution. An innovation developed by Valmet improves the chemical balance of mills, generates cost savings, and reduces environmental impact.

  • RECOX+ recovery boilers for peak performance

    By combining technology, automation and services expertise, Valmet can provide a complete recovery boiler solution with relentless performance.

  • Valmet Refiner Segments create 6 GWh in energy savings a year

    Energy cost is the major issue for producing mechanical pulp. Valmet Refiner Segments latest solutions lowers the energy consumption in the PGW process remarkably and thus creates major savings for the customers.

  • Sunila makes the most out of lignin

    Stora Enso’s Sunila Mill produces kraft lignin with Valmet’s LignoBoostTM technology. In 2018, Stora Enso launched their dry lignin product, LineoTM by Stora Enso, which is an excellent alternative to fossil-based materials.