High-performance oxygen delignification

Valmet Oxygen Delignification system removes lignin with excellent efficiency. It is the ideal oxygen delignification stage and a great asset for pulp mills.

Valmet Oxygen Delignification removes up to 65-70% of the remaining lignin after cooking. This result remains unchallenged. The secret lies in the carefully optimized conditions.

Substantial reduction of effluent load

Delignification with Valmet Oxygen Delignification results in a low kappa number of the pulp entering the bleach plant. This enables a substantial reduction of the consumption of chemicals.

Other objectives of extending the delignification are to reach a higher brightness of bleached pulp and to facilitate bleach plant closure. A higher yield of bleached pulp is obtained if an extended delignification by oxygen replaces a part of the residual delignification by cooking.

Advantages of Valmet Oxygen Delignification

  • Removes lignin with excellent efficiency
  • Substantial reduction of the consumption of chemicals in the bleach plant
  • A flexible solution: Valmet Oxygen Delignification suits production of hardwood pulps as well as production of softwood pulps. It involves one or two reaction stages.
  • Process variables such as pulp consistency, temperature and reaction time, are optimized to achieve optimal delignification. Valmet Oxygen Delignification is customized to meet every pulp mill's unique needs.




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