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Wet end

Valmet’s pulp drying technology is based on the experience gained in manufacturing and deliveries of more than 300 machines to customers worldwide.

 These include the world’s widest pulp drying machine so far with a trim width of 10 meters and a record capacity of 3700 ADMT/D. The latest machine design allows for production rates per width meter of 500 ADMT/D and minimized energy consumption.

To meet our customers’ specific needs, Valmet’s wet-end technology comprises both Fourdrinier-type solutions and double-wire technology with two-sided dewatering and wire pressing.

In the double wire DryWay Former, web formation takes place in a fully controlled, adjustable former section. Effective dewatering also allows for a shorter former length.

The Fourdrinier-type wet end provides extreme flexibility for varying production rates, basis weights and pulp qualities, thanks to the adjustable headbox slice. In addition, the Fourdrinier type features long wire lifetime and disturbance-free operation. For maximized dewatering the Fourdrinier can be furnished with a top-former. Alternatively, the top-former can be installed at a later stage when an increase in production becomes necessary.

In both wet-end alternatives, the first open draw takes place at a dry content exceeding 40%, which guarantees running reliability especially with short fiber pulp. The roll nips are double-felted and the rolls are of rubber or composite-covered, ensuring long lifetime for wires and felts. The embedded automation solutions feature wet-end web profile control systems for process optimization. This maximizes the runnability and pulp-web quality of the pulp-drying machine. And, it minimizes web breaks and MD basis weight variations while protecting the wires and headbox.

Our machine screens are equipped with a new type of Nimax basket for low-consistency screening applications, based on patented manufacturing technology.

Machine screening

  • 534 references worldwide + reject screens
  • The widest range of screens on the market
  • Vertical and horizontal designs
  • Extensive process knowledge and support
  • Local service available worldwide

Process and automation upgrades

Dilution Profile Control

For modernizing an existing slice lip controlled headbox into a dilution controlled.

Headbox Level Control System

Suitable for different types and sizes of headboxes.

Pressurized Felt Conditioning

Effective and energy saving felt dewatering solution.

Vacuum Optimization

Optimizing Pulp Drying machine wet end vacuum pump capacity.




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