The Valmet Press section ensures less downtime

The press section has a shoe press with a felted shoe roll on the top. On the bottom side, there is an open-surfaced counter roll around with the bottom fabric runs.

Some 60% of the removed water flows to the counter roll, while the rest is removed by the top felt. Because of the long nip, web dryness exceeds 40% when leaving the press section. By avoiding open draws, your process has fewer web breaks and less downtime.

The last press in the press section is a double-felted shoe press with a liner load of up to 1,500 kN/m. On the top, there is a rubber-covered and deflection-compensated SymZL roll. On the bottom side, there is a shoe roll.

High dryness, less steam

With two shoe presses, the Wet End is able to provide higher dryness values and savings in steam costs for any kind of pulp. Web dryness of over 53% is reached after the shoe press. An automatic tail-threading device takes the tail to the dryer and secures fast and safe tail threading at high speeds.