Hydropower automation for all aspects of control operation

Valmet DNA Automation for hydropower plants

Valmet DNA Automation System offers a new digital space for turbine control, protection, vibration diagnostics, and both unit and overall hydropower plant control and management. It is a convenient and easy-to-use control solution that measurably optimizes plant performance – and supports safe, continuous and sustainable energy production.

Extensive view into all hydropower plant processes

Optimized plant performance based on real-time data

Improved energy and operational efficiency and reduced maintenance costs

Fewer shutdowns for increased power plant reliability

Total hydropower plant automation

Valmet’s experience with overall control strategies for hydropower, such as water balance control, frequency support applications and power plant fleet management, makes Valmet DNA Automtion System an ideal match for today’s hydropower plants.

Valmet’s total hydropower plant automation concept includes:

  • Turbine controller
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Electrical protection
  • Field equipment
  • Distributed control and information management
  • Ability to integrate everything into a single system

Deep expertise in plant operations

The advanced tools of Valmet DNA automation solutions make the most of hydropower plant data, both current and historical. It helps plant personnel manage their operations and maintenance in the most cost-efficient way. This means above all improved production planning, predictable maintenance shutdowns and a better overview of overall asset conditions. Engineered using Valmet DNA’s standard design tools, all applications ensure minimum start-up times for greenfield projects and the shortest shutdown times for retrofits.

Valmet offers expert team support for all hydropower plant automation projects, including retrofits for old installations and new turbine deliveries.

Process optimization

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