Pellet plants for green energy

Pellet plant

A pellet-fired plant represents an environmentally friendly solution to balance peak loads in district heating, to act as a backup plant or to generate process steam. A pellet-fired plant can also be used as a base load plant for district heat production.

Valmet offers turnkey pellet plants, ranging typically from 25 to 100 MWth for district heating and process industry needs.

Pellet-fired plant

  • Low cost, as pellet prices remain competitive compared with fossil fuels, which are more sensitive to market fluctuations.
  • It is possible to use renewable fuels in the form of wood pellets or briquettes.
  • High energy density of pellets enables simple fuel logistics, which reduces the environmental impact.
  • It’s a green choice. Replacing an old boiler with a Valmet pellet boilerPellets significantly reduces CO2 emissions from district heating and process steam. Switching to a pellet plant is good for the environment.
  • Startup is fast and easy in comparison to other types of biofuel plants. The pellet plant reacts quickly to load changes, making it an excellent solution for a peak load and back-up plant.