Limit switches

Durable and reliable valve monitoring with Stonel™ limit switches

Integrating your automated valves utilizing Valmet limit switches will allow you to improve process performance and reduce life-cycle costs. Our limit switches offer a full range of monitoring, communication, and control platforms ideally suited for quarter-turn and linear discrete valve applications even in extreme process environments.

Limit switches offering


Compact performance

We offer a versatile selection of limit switches to meet your valve monitoring requirements. The Stonel limit switch offering is known for high quality and reliability that comes in a compact and durable form. This is also true for our Axiom™, Eclipse™, Prism™ and Quartz™ products that are all small in size, but big on performance and reliability. They are all also extremely rugged in design, making them a reliable choice in demanding environments. Our portfolio includes products suited for corrosive and hazardous plant environments.

Smart functionality and options

In addition to providing advanced monitoring and control in a wide range of applications, you can find limit switches in our portfolio that offer great communications options ranging from HART, FOUNDATION FieldBus, AS-interface and DeviceNet to optional WirelessLink capabilities, reducing setup times and improving site safety. With the wireless functionalities in use, diagnostics data can be viewed from up to 50 meters away using your personal Bluetooth-enabled mobile device.

Safety and reliability first

Rugged and durable limit switches ensure continued service in demanding operating conditions.

One key element to safety and durability is the casings of our limit switches. Depending on your application and the operating environment we offer a wide range of options. This includes explosion-proof, watertight and corrosion-resistant enclosures as well as non-incendive and intrinsically safe variants approved for hazardous environments. Safety comes from the correct material selection as well as clear and easily visible indications. All our products meet relevant safety certification standards for use in your processes.

What is a limit switch?

Limit switches are generally used in the automation of on-off valve applications. They are typically activated by cams connected to the shaft joining the actuator to the valve. Limit switches send discrete electric signals to indicate valve position, typically confirming either open or closed positions.

Limit switches may be directly mechanically operated by the motion of the operating lever. A reed switch may be used to indicate the proximity of a magnet mounted on some moving part. Proximity switches operate by the disturbance of an electromagnetic field, by capacitance, or by sensing a magnetic field.

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