Emergency shutdown valves

Improving availability with field proven reliability and advanced diagnostics

Reliable intelligent emergency shutdown (ESD) valves and actuators with Neles™ ValvGuard™ intelligent valve controllers improve your plant safety cost-efficiently. At Valmet, we have combined our know-how of valves, actuators, safety standards (IEC61508/61511), applications, system operability and partial stroke test devices with intelligent prediction tools. Diagnostic information is presented understandably to enable planned maintenance of potentially failing valve assemblies before they have a chance to impact the process or safety.

Reliable emergency shutdown valves

ESD valve selection

An emergency shutdown (ESD) valve is part of a safety instrumented system (SIS). It is a vital part of the safety system and often described as the final element. Normally, the term ESD valve refers to all types of safety system valves, such as shutdown, emergency shutdown, emergency ventilation or blowdown valves.

The selection of emergency shutdown valves is crucial for any industrial process. The right valve and actuator paired with an accurate valve controller will ensure compliance with standards and regulations (such as IEC 61508/61511) as well as ensure the safety and reliability of your process and plant. We provide the valves as well as all the other needed components for your reliable ESD valve assembly.

Avoid unplanned downtime

When talking about ESD valves, we are typically referring to all types of safety system valves, such as shutdown, emergency shutdown, emergency venting or blowdown valves. The valve assemblies we offer are key to protecting you from failures resulting in costly unplanned process downtime.

Certified quality and compliance

All our butterfly and ball valves for ESD service are based on field-proven, certified and thoroughly tested technologies. For emergency shutoff duty we deliver valves that are SIL 3 compliant as well as certified in terms of fire safety and fugitive emissions. We also offer pneumatic actuators and intelligent safety solenoids you need for reliable ESD performance.

The right tools and testing

Oftentimes plant owners and operators will prefer ordering their entire ESD valve assemblies from a reliable single-source supplier such as Valmet. Reliable ESD valve assemblies paired with partial stroke testing and other intelligent prediction tools help provide peace of mind when it comes to ensuring the safe and continuous operations of your process.

Emergency shutdown valve offering

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