Mechanical refining

Dr. Arne Asplund (1903–1993) invented the Defibrator pulping refiner and the defibrator-method (also called the Asplund-method) for pulping wood chips in the 1930s.

The longest historyDr. Arne Asplund

Asplund was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) in 1947 for the invention and his further development of the defibrator-method for pulping wood and other fiber rich materials. He was later awarded the Great Gold Medal from IVA in 1969 for his work with defibration technology.

High consistency refiners

  • Conical disc RGP
  • Double disc RGP
  • Flat disc RGP

Low consistency refiner

  • OptiFiner

Groundwood Grinders

  • PGW

Fiberboard Defibrator

  • Evolution Defibrator (EVO)


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HC refiners - Spare Parts and components

Refiner Exchange Service

A completely reconditioned drop-in unit, upgraded to the latest design.

Exchange system for SD refiners

Available to rapidly provide you a completely reconditioned, guaranteed drop-in unit.

Transroll Screw Exchange System

Reconditioned transroll screws upgraded to the latest design


HC refining - Process and automation upgrades

Refiner Hydraulic Unit

A complete unit that fits on existing refiners without any modifications.

RLP Oil Unit 

A freestanding, external panel to facilitate servicing of the water and hydraulic panel.

Adjustable Gap Sensor (AGS)

Disc gap calibration during full production.

Infeed Screw FSA

Upgrade package for double-disc refiner infeed screws.

Infeed Screw RL(P)

By mounting the screw feeder directly on the refiner shaft you get a much simpler design that increases accessibility.

Refiner Alignment Block

Adjustment blocks for quick and accurate alignment of a Classic Refiner bearing unit.

Refiner Control System Upgrade

Process Automation – Improvement products

Disc Gap Control

Safely control the refiner/ Defibrator from a remote control room.

Disc Gap Control Agreement

Agreement that combines accurate disc-gap control with energy-saving segments.

Refiner Adjustment Device

This is an upgrade device that is more reliable and demands less maintenance.

CMS – Upgrade kit to electric stepping motor

Optimize your energy consumption and fiber quality.

Refiner Position Monitoring

Gives information about the axial position of the rotor or a stator on a refiner/Defibrator.

TVD - Touch point vibration detector

Replaces the old SPM/TPM system.

FG 01/02 - Angular Transmitter Monitor

Upgrade of DCM-RM1 to latest version

RMS-DD1/RS2 + Service panel

Upgrade for Double Disc RGP 65/68 DD


HC refining - Maintenance and shutdown service

Valmet Refiner Reconditioning

Modular maintenance solutions for flexible service offering.

Segment holders

Maintenance program for refiner segment holders improves refiner operation.

Recond. of drop-in units – RG(P), L

A profitable investment for maximum service life, availability and performance.

Reconditioning packages For SD refiners

Continuous technical developments and improvements in materials and design make reconditioning of drop-in units a profitable investment that will provide a pay-back in maximum service life, availability and performance.

Refiner Condition Test 

Pre-maintenance audit for refiners.


LC refiners - Spare Parts and components

Shaft assembly

An overhauled and modified shaft assembly is available for all sizes of Conflo/OptiFiner RF refiners.


LC refining - Process and automation upgrades

Turbine housing

Turbine Housing that replaces the existing radial outlet design with a tangential outlet.

Closed mechanical seal

Valmet-developed seal allows the use of a mechanical seal for low-consistency refiners in difficult seal water conditions.

Adjustable Gap Sensor (AGS)

Disc gap calibration during full production.

TVD - Touch point vibration detector

Replaces the old SPM/TPM system.

Mechanical seal – SealMax BA-LC

Valmet mechanical seal type BA-LC for OptiFiner Low consistency refiner.


LC refining - Maintenance and shutdown service

StockBoost for refining

Tailor-made upgrades for existing refiners.

Low-consistency refining performance review

Solution for cost-effective refining.


Grinders - Process and automation upgrades

Grinder rebuild

Stable production with grinder rebuilds




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