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For tissue makers, the goal should be to utilize the full potential of the mill. With Valmet as a partner, we can support you in combining the right technology, mill design and process knowledge. To understand how these important components each play a vital role is a key to reach desired results.

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Risk reduction

How to cover all needs of a project?

When running a project, it’s not uncommon to questioning the capability to cover all the needs that might arise. One might ask if a certain technical solution is right in all cases and how to understand the interaction between different systems, or how savings in energy impacts savings in money and reductions in CO2 emissions?

Valmet can be involved in the entire project chain, from contract to end of warranty, and taking care of obstacles not obvious from the beginning you have a partner who understands the operational and project needs. A partner who can understand what’s affecting final product quality and who can be involved in the development of core technology.

With Valmet, you simply have one selected partner to discuss product related issues with. And the aim is always to deliver the best end results.

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From handshake to tissue on reel and beyond

Valmet can provide benefits beyond engineering documents. What do we mean with that? We are not about simply delivering a product. Instead we can provide coverage by expertise from all disciplines from process- and plan design to electrical- and process control design. It’s a seamless integration optimized to achieve the most efficient tissue production line.

Valmet’s scope of site services includes a long list of advisory opportunities from site management advisory, piping, electrical and mechanical to process controls, installation services, check out and start-ups.

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Education, training and support

Keeping machines and equipment in good shape is crucial, but it’s impossible to achieve this without competent and committed people. Want to maximize the skill level of your machine operators?

With our training programs you can feel confident that the operators receive adequate knowledge to manage your investment. And as a compliment, training simulators are useful training tools for operators and other mill staff. These highly realistic simulators play vital roles in ensuring successful start-ups and efficient long-term operation of key process and machine modules.


Minimize CO2 emissions in tissue production

Improve sustainability, energy and water consumption by understanding how to combine the latest technology and processes.

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Support beyond start-up

Our work does not end with delivery and start-up. Investing in Valmet, means investing in a long-term partner if so wish. We want to follow your development and be at hand also after the tissue machine is up and running. With our service agreements and Industrial internet solutions we want to provide an opportunity for a successful long-term operation. 

Further, our Tissue Technology Center is a unique resource for cultivating and realization of ideas, innovations and verifying new technology or machine configurations to elevate your tissue production to the next level.

Improve the performance of your mill

Improve the performance of your mill

Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) offering covers an extensive range of solutions and applications for Tissue. Our Performance Centers around the world allows easy access to Valmet’s experts through remote connections. Get support in technical or process-related challenges whenever needed.

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