Automation for the (Petro-)Chemical industry

Overcoming industrial complexities proactively

Valmet DCS Automation for the petrochemical and chemical industry

The constant need for innovation, strategic planning and proactive approaches for the complexities in the (petro-)chemical industry is challenging. Sustainability, regulations, feedstock, energy costs and technological advancements are all facets that need to be taken into account. The way we design our automation systems understands this.




Feedstock availability and price volatility

The industry relies heavily on feedstock, such as crude oil, natural gas, and other raw materials. Fluctuations in feedstock availability and prices can significantly impact production costs and profitability. Geopolitical factors, supply disruptions, and market dynamics can contribute to volatility in feedstock prices. 

Our automation system is built to ensure a smooth operation and to run your processes efficiently. In doing this, uncertainties in outcome and price volatilities will become less impactful and your process will be more predictable. 

Energy costs and efficiency

Energy-intensive processes are inherent to the chemical and petrochemical industry. Rising energy costs and the need to improve energy efficiency pose challenges. The diverse range of chemical feedstocks and products of the petrochemical industry depend on timely chemical compositional analysis of the processing during each step of the processing. Companies must strive to optimize their operations, adopt energy-saving technologies, explore alternative energy sources, and enhance process integration to reduce energy consumption.

By using gas chromatography and applications like our energy management system integrated into the automation system, you will be able to optimize your energy usage and save on costs, even in the most uncertain of times.

Technological innovation and digitalization

Embracing technological advancements and digitalization is crucial for the industry's future. Companies need to invest in research and development (R&D) to develop new products, improve manufacturing processes, and enhance operational efficiency. Incorporating digital technologies like process automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics can drive productivity gains and provide a competitive edge.

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