Marine services offering

We offer our Marine customers a unique combination of flue gas cleaning technologies, services and automation. Expect the best service experience and benefit from our new technologies and industrial internet solutions. Valmet’s 13,000 professionals work close to you across the globe and are available to serve you locally or remotely.


Valmet Marine Services include life cycle and system upgrade services as well as services to improve the reliability and performance of marine scrubbers and Valmet DNA automation.


Spare parts management, maintenance planning and execution as well as industrial internet applications provide a seamless support for Valmet installed scrubber and automation base in the marine industry.



Our services for Marine consists of three cornerstones:


Keeping equipment and processes runing reliably

Spare parts supply and maintenance planning

Spare parts and maintenance planning done in cooperation with the ship owner to get the most cost-efficient end results

Access to high quality OEM spare parts and components that are delivered on time.

Technical support Fast & prompt support as needed by the ship crew on daily operational issues, technical and process related questions and on-demand services onboard.
System maintenance Valmet global field service network is available for maintenance, system tuning and upgrades.
Marine scrubber analyzers calibration service Maintenance and calibration service for exhaust gas CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System) and washing water WMU (Water Monitoring Unit) analyzers.
Service agreements Seamless, systematic and continuous co-operation with Valmet and the ship owner through customized agreements based on needs.

Performance and extended services

Optimizing process performance to get the most out of the least

System survey and inspections

Maintain the system in the best condition and detect equipment issues in advance.

Analytics and performance follow-up

Analyzes and reports based on received data to have a good understanding of the long term system performance.

Remote monitoring and support

Efficient support for operational issues or troubleshooting cases with Valmet experts accessing the control system screen remotely.

Automation cybersecurity

Secure business continuity by ensuring automation system security is in updated at all times. Designed to help customers create and continously maintain a more secure production environment.


Learning services

Training to ensure updated knowledge of scrubber system for the ship owner crew and shore personnel.


New technology

Ensuring process competitiveness with the help of latest innovations

System extensions and upgrades

System and process upgrades available for updated operation needs.

Valmet's Marine Services

Global presence for best support


Valmet Industrial Internet - VII

The Valmet Industrial Internet -VII solutions combine advanced monitoring and prediction applications, Advanced Process Controls (APC), dynamic process simulators and remote services from Valmet Performance Center into comprehensive solutions.