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Ensure your team has the right skills and knowledge to get the most out of automation systems and equipment with Valmet Learning Services.

Build employee confidence by ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to perform well

Improve safety through correct equipment operation and maintenance

Ensure you workers stay informed and up to date

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Boost performance by investing in employees

Valmet Learning Services provide the training your employee need to be competent, product team members. The return on investment can take many forms. A competent employee is a confident employee who performs well and can even take initiative to improve your processes.

Training can also enable personnel to move between roles more easily. This gives you greater flexibility in resourcing and improves plant management.

Proper training ensures employees can use equipment and features to their full potential, reducing raw material consumption and improving quality. Skilled equipment operation safeguards personnel, improve equipment longevity, and positively impacts your environmental sustainability.

Keep up with innovations

New generations of equipment and new innovations enable you exciting business opportunities.  Valmet Learning Services, backed by a global network of experts, understands the pace of modern operations.

We keep training content up-to-date with the latest insights from our broad industrial base and our own product development.

Custom content from basic to specialized skills

Trainees gain in-depth know-how on Valmet’s entire product range, from individual products or features to advanced systems, processes and controls. Instruction can be remote or classroom-based, on-site or off-site. Whenever possible, lectures are blended with practical exercises.

Valmet’s standard programs are divided into modules to make course selection easy and straight-forward. Skill levels are developed progressively, from basics to advanced with refresher courses along the way.

We also offer tailored training programs through our customized training option. Valmet works closely with you to develop longer-term training plans which address any competence development within your organization.


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