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Our range of eLearning courses is expanding, and several courses are already available. Valmet DNA for Everybody course covers the basics of automation and Valmet DNA. Valmet DNA eMaintenance course is well suited for people in service and maintenance. Take a closer look at our course offerings below.

Valmet DNA eMaintenance

Introduction: This self-study course is for people in service and maintenance duties who know the basics of Valmet DNA. Also, for those who are in operational duties and want to know more about troubleshooting, the course provides useful information.

You will learn: After completing the course the participant has an overview of Valmet DNA's structure and is familiar with the display of faults in operating images, the Valmet DNA engineering environment, testing and diagnostics, and hardware maintenance.


Valmet DNA for Everybody

Introduction: This online course aims to provide the participant with basic information about automation in general and Valmet DNA.

You will learn: After completing the course the participant is familiar with automation in general and basic terms of automation as well as the structure of Valmet DNA and its uses.


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