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Cooking and fiber line

State-of-the-art fiberlines from Valmet

Valmet delivers new fiberlines and take existing fiberlines to a new level. We find ways to optimize the overall production efficiency, to increase the profitability and to reach environmental goals. Valmet can be your full-scope supplier in the areas of cooking, screening, washing and bleaching. With 130 locations in 33 countries we serve pulp mills world-wide.

Valmet is market leader in continuous and batch cooking. CompactCooking™ is our flexible continuous cooking system for cost-effective kraft pulp production. Batch cooking is our primary technology for reliable dissolving pulp production.

Our product portfolio also includes TwinRoll presses, a family of pulp washers characterized by excellent washing efficiency, high availability and high output consistency. Valmet’s TwinRoll presses cover every need for washing along the entire fiberline, securing low chemicals consumption and reducing your water consumption footprint.

We are committed to moving your performance forward.


Valmet’s state-of-the-art solutions and process knowledge take fiberlines to a new level.


  • What's cooking?

    The third generation of Valmet’s CompactCooking launches, with increased flexibility, improved steaming and washing, and easy maintenance.

  • Creating a valuable product from hazardous side streams

    Producing sulfuric acid from a pulp mill’s non-condensable gases (NCG) is a true win-win-win solution. An innovation developed by Valmet improves the chemical balance of mills, generates cost savings, and reduces environmental impact.

  • RECOX+ recovery boilers for peak performance

    By combining technology, automation and services expertise, Valmet can provide a complete recovery boiler solution with relentless performance.





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