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Valmet DNA DCS Automation for LNG

Overcoming the challenges in the LNG industry requires collaboration among stakeholders, innovation, risk management strategies, investment in infrastructure and technology, and a deep understanding of market dynamics. The LNG industry must adapt to evolving market conditions, align with environmental goals, and meet the increasing demand for cleaner energy sources. Our automation systems can be designed specifically to help solve challenges and meet your goals quicker.




Supply and demand dynamics

The LNG market experiences fluctuations in supply and demand, which can impact prices and market conditions. Identifying and responding to shifting market trends, managing production capacity, and optimizing the timing of LNG supply contracts are challenges that LNG producers face. 

Automating your processes can help predict these swings and result in a more reliable outcome in the long run. As every plant is unique, using specific uniquely created applications that fit to your plant is paramount. One application is the use of the Valmet MAXUM II gas chromatograph that can measure the chemical composition of the feedstock as well as each step of the purification process. This timely chemical composition information can help keep the plant operating efficiently through all the changes.  

Transportation and logistics

The transportation of LNG from production sites to regasification terminals requires specialized vessels known as LNG carriers. Challenges include optimizing shipping routes, managing vessel availability and reliability, and addressing safety considerations associated with LNG transportation. Additionally, the development of appropriate LNG receiving terminals and pipeline networks at the regasification end presents logistical challenges.

There are ways to automate certain aspects of this supply chain, to track qualities and quantities and stay ahead of issues that might arise. Automation can help the flow of this aspect of LNG production and improve the efficiency of your plant and whole supply chain.

Technological advancements

The LNG industry continually seeks technological advancements to improve liquefaction efficiency, reduce costs, enhance safety, and minimize environmental impacts. Developing and implementing innovative liquefaction processes, cryogenic storage technologies, and regasification systems are ongoing challenges.  

But this also counts the same for your automated systems. An up-to-date system that can adapt to your technological changes is needed to ensure your plant stays at the highest efficiency for years. A lifecycle approach with upgradeability and compatibility is crucial when choosing an automation system.

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