Airborne Dryer

Valmet Airborne Dryer features contactless drying and web run with a high drying capacity blow box design across the whole drying length.

The web runs straight inside the dryer without any risk of web breaks against the dryer sides. This has been made possible by use of stiff turning rolls – a design originating from paper machines – and torsional rigidity in the roll tower design.

Due to the modern design of the circulation air fans, drying blow boxes and steam coils, the drying module features good runnability and enhanced drying. The high total efficiency with low pressure losses of circulation air flow, combined with all-steel steam coils improve the drying process performance.

Main benefits of the Airborne dryer

  • High speed and production rate
  • Contactless drying and web run with an improved blow box design
  • Excellent runnability and enhanced drying
  • High-energy efficiency - energy savings
  • Low-pressure losses of circulation of airflow
  • Steady web runnability
  • Fewer production and maintenance shutdowns