Corporate citizenship

With operations in over 40 countries and a global network of partners and stakeholders, Valmet carries significant responsibility as a corporate citizen. We participate in selected local programs and work in close operation with selected universities and research organizations globally to generate positive impacts in the areas where Valmet has operations.

As a global company and a recognized sustainability leader in our industry, we work in a multicultural business environment, where companies may have a range of potential social impacts. Our growing presence in emerging markets emphasizes our responsibility toward local communities.

Our corporate citizenship efforts aim to build awareness of Valmet as a positive contributor to the societies where we operate. With global operations, we directly provide employment and business opportunities and indirectly build wellbeing in local communities.

Valmet participates in selected local programs around the world based on its Guidelines for Sponsorships and Donations and works in close operation with selected universities and research organizations globally. Valmet’s sponsorships and donations focus on science, research, education, environmental protection, nature conservation and youth activities. 

Renewed focus on local needs and actions

In 2022, Valmet renewed its Social Responsibility Program with the target of building local programs linked to key themes. Based on a systematic selection process involving Valmet employees, several local projects were started at the end of the year, covering all the geographical areas in which Valmet operates. The renewed program aims to increase the local impact of donated funds, enhance Valmet’s visibility in communities, and open up more opportunities for local Valmeteers to engage in local program activities.

Partnering with universities to drive development

Valmet has a long history of mutual cooperation with universities, for example, in the fields of engineering and mathematics. Valmet’s research and development work is complemented by a network of world-leading research facilities and universities. In recent years, that cooperation has intensified, with several Valmet employees completing their doctoral research as a part of their work and personal development.

Valmet is actively expanding its collaboration and engagement with students and universities in Finland and abroad, supporting new trainee programs, establishing a global concept for university cooperation, and working with middle schools to raise the profile of engineering studies among students.