Valmet´s seasonal donation to The Ocean Cleanup and Plan International

Dec 22, 2020

Valmet´s seasonal donation to The Ocean Cleanup and Plan International

Valmet continues its holiday season tradition to support selected global non-profit organizations. This year Valmet has doubled its donation sum to EUR 40,000. Every year Valmet's employees globally vote for the donation target, and this year the support goes to two targets: The Ocean Cleanup and Plan International. Valmet donates EUR 20,000 for both organizations as an independent supporter.

“Seasonal donation voting is an important tradition for Valmet’s employees, and this year we are thrilled to announce that we are able to double the amount compared to the previous years. We have selected two organizations as our seasonal donation targets, and both of them are connected to the themes of our social responsibility work: Equal opportunities for wellbeing and Protecting the planet for next generations,” says Laura Puustjärvi, Head of Sustainability, Valmet.

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s ocean plastics. To achieve this objective, the organization works on a combination of closing the source by intercepting plastic in rivers before it reaches the ocean and cleaning up what has already accumulated in the ocean and doesn’t go away by itself. Valmet's donation supports the full scope of The Ocean Cleanup’s activities.

Plan International promotes free, equal access to quality education for all children – from early learning to secondary education. Valmet's donation supports equal access to education for both girls and boys in developing countries.

“We want to thank Valmet for its significant support, which we will use for the benefit of the world’s most vulnerable children, especially girls. The support is especially important now that the Covid-19 pandemic has worsened conditions for children all over the world and threatens the improvements in equality and the status of girls that have already been achieved,” says Ossi Heinänen, CEO at Plan International Finland.