New exciting Beyond Circularity ecosystem projects kicked off

Aug 31, 2023

Six new projects in Valmet’s Beyond Circularity ecosystem have been granted funding from Business Finland.


Valmet launched an ambitious R&D program and ecosystem called Beyond Circularity in 2022. It targets transforming waste and emissions into valuable resources for sustainable growth and accelerating the green transition. The program is partly funded by Business Finland.

An essential part of the program is green transition ecosystem. It will create value and business growth for participants, expand competencies to new areas, and encourage the best national and international partners in the field to join.  

"We have been excited to see high interest toward our ecosystem. We already have more than 130 excellent ecosystem partners with whom we work on various interesting projects. I’m thrilled that six new ecosystem projects have got funding from Business Finland during the first half-year 2023, increasing the number of ecosystem projects to fifteen in total," says Virpi Puhakka, Director, Ecosystem at Valmet.


Six new ecosystem projects kicked off

  • Co-innovation project ReMatCh - Recycled material challenge (Biorefining / value-adding to waste stream)
  • Co-innovation project  Non-wood raw materials (Biorefining / value-adding to waste stream)
  • Co-innovation project Resilient bronze (Resource efficient industries stream)
  • Co-research project CARAMEL – Circular processes and sustainable applications for novel hard metal coatings and structures (Resource efficient industries stream)
  • Co-innovation project Biond4.0 – Data-driven control for bioprocesses (Automated, digitalized industry and services stream)
  • Co-research project CO2 capture (Emerging new process concepts and disruptive business stream)


Can you help us to transform waste and emissions into valuable resources for sustainable growth? Join our ecosystem!

"We are continuously welcoming new partners to our ecosystem. Below you can find a summary of topics we are working with. If you are interested in ecosystem partnering, please see more information from our Beyond Circularity page," says Virpi Puhakka. 

If a joint project is accepted for the Beyond Circularity ecosystem (with Valmet approval), Finnish partners may submit a partnership funding application to Business Finland. Business Finland offers partnership funding for research, development and innovation projects under the ecosystem themes of the Beyond Circularity program.