Valmet donated a car to Dąbrówka Orphanage in Poland

Jun 30, 2023

Valmet’s global social responsibility program consists of several local programs around the world. In the EMEA area, Valmet supports Dąbrówka Orphanage located close to Valmet's office in Jelenia Góra, Poland.

Children sitting in a car with Valmet's logo

Thanks to the car being new, the adults and children no longer have to worry that it will break down.

The Dąbrówka Orphanage finds it important to raise children in a family-like environment and to ensure they are provided with the best possible care and possibilities for the future. To support these targets and to help to improve the well-being of the children living there, Valmet decided to donate a new vehicle to the orphanage. 

The car was delivered earlier in the spring, and it has already brought relief and joy to the everyday life of the orphanage. 

“Thanks to the new car, we no longer have to worry that our vehicle will break down. It gives us confidence that we will get everywhere without problems, which is very important when looking at the needs of our children. The new car is also bigger, so we can transport more of our kids at the same time. Due to its reliability, we can also save money that we used to spend on constant repairs of the old car,” says Katarzyna Lenart-Wyrobek, Director of the Dąbrówka Orphanage.

The children enjoyed the possibility to test the driver's seat of the new car.

The car improves the life of the children living in the orphanage 

The orphanage is located very close to Valmet's office in Jelenia Góra in Western Poland, about three kilometers away from the city center – a long way to the little ones attending kindergarten and school there. Also, visits to doctors and specialists depend on having an efficient means of transport. 

“The children are very happy about the new car. They enjoy travelling in comfortable conditions and they really like the children's drawings on the car. We are very pleased and want to thank Valmet for enabling us to realize our dream of a new car,” Lenart-Wyrobek says. 

The car is nicely decorated with drawings and Valmet's colors.

Valmet's global social responsibility program

Valmet has expanded its global social responsibility program initiated in 2020 with new area-specific local projects around the world.

Valmet’s social responsibility program is part of the company’s sustainability agenda implementation. The program is based on three themes promoting science, nature and equal opportunities: ‘​Towards the future with science’, ‘Protecting the planet for next generations’​ and ‘Equal opportunities for wellbeing’​.

Based on these themes, several local projects in Valmet’s operating areas around the world have been selected to the program. Valmet’s local personnel has participated in the planning and preparation of the projects, and the final selection has been made by employee voting.


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