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Consume less freshwater for lower environmental load


Water management means limiting the consumption of natural resources, including raw materials, energy, and freshwater. Freshwater is probably the most critical resource for pulp and paper mills today. By consuming less freshwater, paper mills can influence both the quantity and quality of their environmental load. For example, toxic pollution emissions to water systems decrease, along with the unnecessary use of chemicals, less carbon dioxide is released by the heating of freshwater, and the overall energy consumption is reduced, as are wastewater and solid waste volumes. The optimization of freshwater consumption and raw materials usage will enable mills to better meet ever-tightening environmental requirements.

From a process point of view, proper water management is needed to ensure good runnability at low freshwater consumption levels. With efficient water management, pulp and paper mills are able to achieve big measurable savings and improve their total efficiency.

Comprehensive solutions for better water utilization


Valmet’s comprehensive water management solutions include process optimization, process evaluation and feasibility studies, and water concepts for lowering freshwater consumption in the production of various paper grades. We also offer advanced water treatment processes based on Valmet Ultrafilter CR*(= cross rotational) ultrafiltration technology.

*earlier known as OptiFilter CR
**earlier known as OptiCycle W
***earlier known as OptiCycle C