Service centers in North America

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Valmet, North America supports the pulp, paper and energy industries with more than 2,190 employees and a network of service, production and sales units across the US, Canada and Mexico.

86 million tons/year of paper, board, tissue and pulp is produced by Valmet machines. This represents 70% of the North American production.

22 million tons of all pulp in North America is produced by Valmet equipment, which is 16% of the pulp produced in the area.

Valmet has a strong presence in CFB and BFB boilers for energy production from renewable materials as well as a full line of pulp mill chemical recovery and power generation units.

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Valmet North America

24/7 Support in emergency situations

24/7 Support in emergency situations

Our 24-hour service helps you every day of the year and ensures that your machine’s critical parts and specialist support are always within reach.

24-hours service

Valmet service workshops in North America

We offer high-tech solutions and a wide range of local maintenance services and mechanical works for rolls. Workshops provide maintenance for all types of rolls, replacement rolls, and a full scale of services for pulp, paper and tissue industries.