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Whatever your specific need with regard to evaporation may be – improved operation, increased dry solids content, higher capacity, better condensate quality, energy savings, lower environmental impact or debottlenecking – we can provide you with the right solution.

Valmet’s evaporator and condensate treatment plants provide excellent performance in pulp and paper mills all over the world. Our technical expertise, covering both new installations and upgrades, is based on experience from more than 400 successful evaporator and condensate treatment projects.

High reliability

Our evaporators are known for their outstanding ability to withstand design pressures and temperatures over many years. Their capacity is enhanced by minimized risk of plugging. In fact, our TUBEL Concentrator eliminates plugging altogether, as liquor is evaporated on the outside of the tubes. Moreover, all our tubular designs provide superior strength and longer life.

Increased dry solids

If your recovery boiler is a bottleneck, our Super Concentration concept is the perfect solution to remove it. We have supplied most of the world’s concentrators in the 80-85% concentration range, improving recovery boiler capacity and performance, and increasing steam production.

High environmental performance

Valmet’s condensate handling systems adapt condensate characteristics to mill-specific requirements, allowing effective removal of organic contaminants and maximum reuse of condensates in the pulping process.