Valmet Evaporation Solutions

Pulp mill evaporation plant

Excellent results - this is what Valmet's evaporation and condensate treatment plants deliver in pulp and paper mills all over the world. Our goal is to keep your mill working at its optimum.

High reliability is built into Valmet's evaporation plants. We have experience from more than 400 installations.

Avoid plugging and bridging with Valmet's engineered solutions for high availability.

Valmet's evaporation technology uses tubes, which gives the evaporators excellent mechanical durability and a very long service life.

Cutting-edge evaporation technology

Plugging and bridging can lower the efficiency and capacity of the evaporation plant. Valmet has engineered solutions that enable high performance.

Our innovative Evaporation Solutions have been used in more than 400 evaporation and condensate treatment plant projects around the world. We can offer a tailored solution when you want to improve your evaporation.

Reliable and energy efficient

The reliability is built into our evaporation deliveries. 

And we have designs for minimized energy consumption through energy integration with other mill processes. Surplus steam can be used in other mill processes, or to produce electricity.

Long lifetime

Valmet's evaporators are known to have a very long service life.

The heating surface in Valmet's evaporators are made of tubes, which gives excellent durability. Valmet's evaporators withstand design pressure and temperature for a very long time.

Maximum reuse of condensates

Save fresh water through maximised use of mill condensates.

Valmet’s condensate treatment systems produce clean condensates in the right amounts and qualities to match the mill’s needs.

SCA Ostrand Pulp mill evaporation

High capacity and availability

Scaling and bridging are problems that can radically decrease evaporation performance and lead to lost production.

Valmet’s Tubel evaporator is a superb solution in applications where the risk of scaling is high. In a Tubel evaporator, liquor is evaporated on the outside of tubes. The rounded surface and the wide distance between the tubes gives the Tubel evaporators very high availability.


More energy from the recovery boiler

Higher liquor dry solids enable higher production of steam in the recovery boiler. Valmet’s Super Concentration system with Internal Liquor Heat Treatment is a reliable and value-adding concept for pulp mills.


Our expertise is at your service

Our expertise is at your service

Our focus is to bring your performance forward. Get in touch with our evaporation experts through your local Valmet office, or the link below.

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