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Tissue Technology Center

Valmet Tissue Technology Center is a unique resource for cultivating and realization of ideas, innovations and verifying new technologies or machine configurations - for Valmet, but also for our customers.

Innovate, develop, optimize!

With access to Best Available Technology, Best Operational Practices and Best Acting People we provide a creative environment for developing and testing new products, improve product quality and machine performance. We have worked together with a great number of the leading tissue producers in the world during the years. After tests in our pilot machines they have been able to boost the value of their consumer products, speed up their machines, cut the consumption of energy, fibers, chemicals and water. Pilot trials are very cost-efficient compared to expensive tests in tissue maker's own production. Naturally we work under strict confidentiality.

Excel in your production!

Let us support you in developing your tissue products.


Improve you tissue process together with Valmet

Cost-efficient trials under strict confidentiality

A pilot trial is a cost-efficient way to do tests in production environment compared to the cost of testing in a tissue mill. No matter if your target is to optimize consumer products, improve machine properties or the blend of water, fiber and chemicals, we make sure your trial will be as efficient as possible. Pilot trials can also be used to define runnability window or trouble shooting, speed up the machine, increase capacity or cut consumption figures. Naturally we work under strict confidentiality.

We work closely together with partners and customers from all over the world to find the best solutions for their particular requirements. 

Trials on site or remotely

Together we can develop a tailor made trial plan according to your specific needs. If you are not able to travel to us we can offer remote support world wide from our facility in Karlstad, Sweden. Follow the activities in the trials through live streaming cameras broadcasted on a secured web page and take part of data without delay in common software tools. 

Welcome to send us a reqest of interest, we are looking forward to working together!

Full flexibility 

The Tissue Technology Center gives you access to a full sized, flexible pilot machines, well equipped and organized laboratory as well as our wide technology and process expertise. We can also provide support from our wide network of know-how in the field of tissue making, such as pulp, chemistry, felts, wires, belts, creping etc. 

The pilot machine and auxiliary systems are designed and equipped for full flexibility to meet the tissue makers every need. The flexibility includes our technologies; Advantage DCT, Advantage NTT, Advantage QRT and TAD for conventional, textured and structured tissue.

Valmet in collaboration with Georgia-Pacific can offer testing and product development on a full sized eTAD machine with converting capabilities at the Georgia-Pacific facility. We can also arrange reference visits to mills with operating eTAD machines. Get in touch to learn more!

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