Material efficiency

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Decrease paper machine production costs


Material efficiency is part of sustainable development, and taking it into account is now more important than ever due to the growing scarcity of natural resources. Material efficiency covers the minimization of raw materials used in the production process, selection of the most economical raw materials possible, and the reduction and recycling of waste to minimize the amount of unutilized material.


Why is material efficiency so important?


Raw material is a major cost factor for pulp and paper mills since raw materials represent about 50% of total operating costs. It also provides an opportunity to boost profitability by minimizing the amount of waste, and related costs. By minimizing waste and recycling waste material, producers are able to meet global agreements and environmental protection goals, and thus help to promote sustainability.


Minimized use, maximized lifetime


Valmet’s material efficiency solutions help pulp and paper mills to save raw material costs by minimizing the use of expensive raw materials (e.g. bulk-saving solutions at the press and drying sections and calenders) and reducing the consumption of chemicals (e.g. Valmet OptiDeink Flotation).

Maximizing the lifetime of consumables through optimized design (e.g. Valmet Refiner Segments, Valmet Seal Strip Flex, or coater blades) and reusing reconditioned equipment (e.g. refiner reconditioning and refiner exchange program) helps to cut equipment costs. Recycling such consumables as doctor blades and rod beds also save money.

Our new modular machine concept, OptiConcept M, shows how all-around materials use optimization reduces construction costs and space needs, as well as saves energy and raw materials. This optimized compact paper machine design reduces frame weight and the environmental impact of the machine significantly.