OptiConcept M – Efficient paper machine for sustainable paper and board making

OptiConcept M is a modular paper machine concept for sustainable papermaking. OptiConcept M family, launched in 2011, now suits containerboard, cartonboard and fine paper production – simple, well-functioning solutions that meet customers’ needs.

A completely new way to design, build and operate a paper machine

OptiConcept M’s operating profitability is based on the concept’s overall efficiency – energy- and resource-efficient processes and high-speed production. This smart paper machine concept combines the advantages of standardization with modular tailoring. The modular processes and solutions, set within optimally fixed machine widths, allow the designing of individual papermaking lines for customers’ varying needs and targets. 



Savings in energy, water, and raw materials

OptiConcept M’s energy efficiency is achieved by taking into account all the surrounding processes and systems, such as the machine controls. With OptiConcept M you can achieve up to 30% lower energy consumption compared to average production lines. By exploiting Valmet’s real-time energy consumption monitoring tool, EnergyOperator, it is easy to optimize operating costs and stay competitive. Proven, yet latest in the market papermaking technologies make it possible to produce high-quality lightweight papers with good runnability, stability, and controllability. Lightweighting is about reducing packaging costs, which greatly affects the entire packaging value chain. With OptiConcept M, the use of raw materials and other resources can be optimized. In our customer cases, as much as 30% of freshwater consumption can be reduced.


Built-in safety and usability

The OptiConcept M papermaking concept represents fresh design and engineering innovations which add safety and usability. One standout example is the new walkway approach. All the tending side walkways are on one level, eliminating the need to walk up and downstairs and providing a pleasant working environment for operators. The drive side has spacious walkways which greatly improve accessibility and safety. Another differentiation element in the design is the machine’s simplified frame construction. Cantilevering beams are unnecessary and foundation loads between the drive side and tending side are even.


Smaller carbon footprint through compact design

OptiConcept M’s overall machine dimensions and required machine hall space is reduced. The new, compact machine and process technology solutions require up to 40% less paper machine hall space. The inherent savings in construction and installation have a positive impact on the total investment cost.

The compact design and reduced amount of materials in paper machinery manufacturing also remarkably decrease the carbon footprint of the machine. Compact design reduces the environmental impact of OptiConcept M.


Several papermakers have already chosen OptiConcept M paper machine

Valmet has already sold twelve OptiConcept M production lines covering board and paper grades in Asia, Europe, and North-America. The first delivered line, Liansheng Paper PM 6, started-up in China in 2012. “The most beneficial part of this concept is the low consumption of water, electricity, and steam and the installation required 30-40% fewer working hours than a conventional project”, says Xue Rong Jun, Project Manager at Liansheng Paper. Another example of fluent OptiConcept M operation is Siam Kraft PM 16 in Thailand. According to Wichan Jitpukdee, Managing Director of Siam Kraft Industry: “PM 16 showcases cutting-edge paper packaging technology. It combines state-of-the-art technology with SCG Packaging’s expertise, which means our company can now manufacture products that meet the needs of our customers in every way”.


Read more about our customers’ experiences of OptiConcept M:

30% increase in recycled packaging production

Arkhangelsk Mill aims for competitive advantages after the rebuild of BM2. "We have a wide basis weight and end product format range for flexibility. We expect decreased costs and energy consumption: 15-20% heat savings, 8% electricity savings and 5% reduction in water consumption," says Alexander Tuvanof.

Shanying Huazhong OptiConcept M started-up in China

Shanying Huazhong Paper started-up successfully its new containerboard line PM 21 in 2019. It took only 2.5 hours to get paper from stock on wire to reel. The sellable paper quality was reached right away.

YFY Pursuing the goal of zero waste

Fewer raw materials, less energy consumption, better-quality products: all the key features of OptiConcept M technology are highly compatible with Yuen Foong Yu’s business philosophy and long-term vision.

Yinan Paper's new OptiConcept M

Yinan Paper´s new containerboard machine PM 22 started up in China in November 2019. It took only 1.5 hours to get paper from stock on wire to the reel. The technology is optimized for producing high-quality recycled fluting grades.

The 1st OptiConcept M for fine paper - APRIL Kerinci PM3

APRIL's new PM3 in Indonesia is the first OptiConcept M designed for fine paper production. They meet now the growing global demand for premium PaperOne products, APRIL's flagship paper brand.

New BM1 and fully modernized off-coater - Metsä Board Husum

Metsä Board's OptiConcept M is the most modern FBB machine in Europe. It produces sustainable food service boards, such as cups, bowls, and plates with high quality, brightness, and lightness.

OptiConcept M board making line at Pratt Industries in the USA

Pratt's new containerboard production line, PM 16, successfully came on stream in 2015. This is Valmet's first OptiConcept M installation in North America.

Exploiting novel technology for producing lightweight grades

"We wanted a papermaking line that produces lightweight containerboard at high speed and with very good stability,” says Liao Changlv of Zhejiang Jingxing Paper.

Siam Kraft going forward with cutting-edge technology

Producing containerboard with low grammages and while simultaneously maintaining high strength properties is a challenge for boardmakers. Siam Kraft’s PM 16 tackles this challenge with OptiConcept M.