Customer case:

OptiConcept M energy efficiency containerboard making line

To exploit the growth potential for containerboards in Thailand, the paper manufacturer Siam Kraft Industry, a subsidiary of SCG Paper, has made investments in new production capacity in Thailand.

We needed to invest in a more efficient machine, with sufficiently high production speed, the opportunity to take advantage of economies of scale, and the ability to produce high-quality board. Saving energy was one of the drivers behind our investment as well."
Sompob Witworrasakul, Director of the Engineering Division at SCG Paper
Location Ban Pong mill in Ratchaburi, Thailand
Customer challenge Producing containerboard with low grammages and while simultaneously maintaining high strength properties.
Solution A complete OptiConcept M boardmaking line with extended project implementation.
Results High quality lightweight containerboard making line with world-class energy efficiency.
Keywords Board and paper, Asia-Pacific, New lines
Technical data
Wire width 7 250 mm
Design speed 1200 m/min
Basis weight range 90-150 g/m2
Annual capacity 308 000 t/y